SEO, a powerful internet marketing tool

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an activity, as the name itself suggests, consisting of adjusting websites in such a way that their content and form correspond to the requirements of web search engines and the page got better (higher) ) search position. With a better position in search results, the page gets more traffic and gives the site a better chance to reach as many people as possible.

How does the search engine rank a page?

Search engines use different algorithms to rank each particular page. Some of them are well-known, but others are kept strictly confidential by search engine operators for ranking search results as objectively as possible. In general, however, we know that a site has a chance to get to higher positions, for example, when a user has the opportunity to find quality and properly structured content, or if there are many back links to the site from elsewhere.

What SEO methods we know

The goal of SEO is to make the web just like automated search engine algorithms. There are a number of methods to achieve better positions.


  • Unique content – Your page should have good quality text content, but especially unique. If you just copy the texts from elsewhere, you will not help your website, on the contrary. Ideally, content should be updated and updated daily.

  • Proper use of headlines and captions – Search engines evaluate the value of a site based on the correct use of headlines. It is important that the headline is h1, the subtitle is h2, and so on. If you create titles only by enlarging the font or highlighting, you will not succeed with search engines. It is also important to describe embedded objects such as graphics or tables.

  • Short, easy-to-understand URL – If the URL is short and legible, this means that we can determine the content of the page from the URL of the page, not just the search engines, but the readers themselves. An example of a bad address is , but a good address is .

  • Building backlinks – The more links from other sites link to your page, the better. Google calls this value PageRank, then S-Rank. At this time, it is important that backlinks are built on pages that are related to your site. Backlinks will not have the same weight if you are hanging apples with pears.

  • Social activity – If your content is distributed on social networks and people are interested, commented, and shared, it will help your site more than the backlinks mentioned.

Be honest and don’t cheat, it doesn’t pay off

In addition to the aforementioned SEO optimization methods, there are non-ethical and non-long-term methods. For example, we include spam , where the author places links to his site in different ways over the Internet, lists it in various forums, forums, and so on. This may help him in the short term, but search engines will soon detect this behavior and punish the site by dropping it again to the bottom of the search results. Other unfair methods include hidden text on the page. This tactic consists in creating text with repetitive keywords, which the author hides on his website, either hiding it with CSS or displaying it in such small print that the visitor will not notice it. To prevent this method, search engines also download cascading styles of the site, making them see the page as a normal visitor. And if they find a discrepancy in these two views, they will penalize the site again.

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