About us: Watronic

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The Czech gaming industry has conquered the world with a number of major titles. The first gem to penetrate the global market was probably Hidden & amp; Dangerous from the 2K Czech studio released in 1999. Three years later, the cult Mafia followed: The City of Lost Heaven by Daniel Vávra. In 2007, Bohemia Interactive launched the Arma military simulator, which, together with Operation Flashpoint, reaped worldwide success.

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Thanks to this, the gaming business in the Czech Republic is important for the whole world and generates around 2.5 billion a year. At the same time, it consists of over 40 development teams (including Watronic), ie a total of around 1,300 employees. Every year, they release dozens of titles around the world, many of them successfully penetrating abroad and sales are rising to millions of pieces a year. In addition, the Association of Czech Game Developers was recently established, which seeks to represent, actively support and seek new talent for the gaming industry in the Czech Republic. Its prominent members include About Fun, Amanita Design, Beat Games, Bohemia Interactive, Dreadlocks, Geewa, Gammosaur, SCS Software, Wargaming Prague and Warhorse Studios.

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Watronic is well aware that each development studio represents its country. Therefore, our mission is to create quality and original games that will not embarrass the Czech game scene. At the same time, we keep up with the times and focus on game development for not only desktops, but also Android and iOS. Today, more than half of the Czech population “steams” on mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices, and people spend more than 3 hours a day on average.

<! – / wp: heading -> <! – wp: heading {“level”: 4} -> In the Czech Republic, up to 56% of the population play games, of which 72% are under 35 years of age. With our unique game concepts, original ideas and original graphics, we want to provide each player with a unique gaming experience that they will never forget. Our mission is to attract even the most demanding domestic and foreign players.

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We also offer complete software solutions you can rely on. When developing our applications, we devote all our energy to meeting the requirements and needs of our client. We focus on creating computer and mobile applications of above-standard quality.

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A satisfied user comes first for us. We actively answer your questions and adapt the development of our applications and games to your requirements. We appreciate your comments and complaints. We see them as an opportunity to learn from mistakes and improve our programs. We are not only big enthusiasts, but also professionals. Success is an intended goal, not a coincidence.

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We do not compromise on our work and we do not compromise on our high demands. We try to perfect the code until everything works as we imagined and as the client requested. We also do what others say is impossible.

<! – / wp: paragraph -> <! – wp: paragraph -> But Watronic is more than just a professional game studio. We are also specialists in advertising campaigns. We offer a comprehensive service in the field of marketing communication – from the elaboration of an advertising strategy, through the design of a creative solution and the production of advertising messages, to the planning and provision of all media. For us, the client is a partner with whom we work together – whether it is a large project or just a partial order. Thanks to our experience, we can guarantee you maximum speed and flexibility while maintaining the above-standard quality of our services. <! – / wp: paragraph -> <! – wp: paragraph ->

Advertising can be expensive and unnecessary, as well as cheap and effective. It all depends on the chosen techniques and tools of marketing. Campaign targeting is one of the most difficult tasks imaginable in campaign planning. We will create an optimal marketing mix that will attract your current and potential customers.

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But a well-planned and well-targeted campaign is not everything. Equally important is the advertising message itself and the content of the campaign. A message that your target audience doesn’t understand may not be interesting, but it may discourage your brand.

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We are well aware that quality big data analysis is essential for current marketing. That’s why we offer your business business analytics services to help you achieve a number of strategic goals – whether identifying new sources of revenue, improving customer service, or streamlining operations and other goals.

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Watronic, based in Prague, will satisfy the needs of a wide range of clients, whether you are looking for a stable software solution, comprehensive marketing services or big data analysis. We are also here for avid and demanding players who want to immerse themselves in the world of quality gaming. Rely on us.

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