AI alias artificial intelligence in games

First, lightly and succinctly: What is artificial intelligence and what is it useful for?
AI is a field of computer science that seeks to understand and express human activities. This means human languages, logistics, robotics. All this and much more with the help of complex, complex algorithms (mathematical equations that only a handful of the chosen would understand).

Scientists are trying to understand everything with AI, which is scary in a way, but at the same time useful for improving the entertainment industry and uncovering our shortcomings. After all, people can’t do everything.
But back to the entertainment industry in conjunction with AI.

How does artificial intelligence work in GTA or NHL, or other favorite and unpopular games?
In short: There are two options. For A) You play alone and for B) with friends.
Option A) is important to us in the context of AI. Players who do not exist, simulations, are just children of artificial intelligence. And over time, the gaming industry and consoles have improved so much that nowadays the simulations are almost the same, in terms of human behavior. And it’s not just the behavior of the creatures, but the movements of the leaves on the trees, the tingling of the animal fur, the cycle of the day and everything we can imagine.

The gaming industry has advanced so much in the 21st century that instead of ordinary game consoles, the popularity of virtual reality is expanding as the player engages the gaming world with glasses and skin sensors on their skin. . So he can feel the impulses of other characters or the environment.

Black & amp; White (Lionhead Studios, 2001) is in a way a perfect example of artificial intelligence. The more a player plays, the more the opponent, meaning simulation, learns, so he is like us, he improves due to environmental influences.
AI is not an easy topic. It is a collaboration of physics, mathematics, psychology and other diverse disciplines and disciplines. Who knows, even our entire universe is a creation of artificial intelligence. We learn, we move, and logic says that we should also think of creating a similar product in which we live. But this is a philosophical rather than a scientific one.

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