Innovative software opens up new business opportunities. With our solution you will always be one step ahead.


The abbreviation PPC advertising can be for where wholly mysterious and online marketing can be a Spanish village for him. But we and our article are here to advise you and explain what's going on. So if you want to understand what PPC advertising means, read on.


We build sites that are proven to work and make sense in your communications mix.


The next step for your business can be just mobile applications. Arrange services or sales via smartphone or tablet will bring you closer to customers and speed up related processes.


We develop games - mobile, internet, Facebook and computer (including 3D). From simple relaxing or logic games to robust solutions and 3D games. Our games reach hundreds of thousands of monthly visits and downloads.
Our story

We are a young and energetic team full of talented individuals

Watronic is well aware that every developer studio represents his country. Our mission is therefore to create quality and original games that will not neglect the Czech game scene. At the same time we go with the times and focus on developing games for not only desktops, but also Android and iOS. Today, more than half of the Czech population “buzzes” on mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices, and people spend on average over 3 hours a day.

Why choose us?

We're different. We think differently, we act differently. Unlike agencies that want to create the best, most expensive or most innovative work, we critically examine the true reasons and needs for which the work is made.
Online marketing 80%
Mobile Application Development 80%
Sites and web applications 80%
Game development for Android and iOS 80%

The goal of business is to solve unique problems

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